Elma Paintball F.A.Q.s
Online reservations are 100% required for all players on all days. We will not take you without a reservation made on our website. Becasue of credit card fraud, we do not take reservations over the phone. You can make your reservation here.
When should we get there?
Please arrive as close to your selected start time as you can. Arriving early will not speed up the process & in fact often times slows things down. If your reservation says 10:00 a.m. then plan to show up as close to 10:00 a.m. as possible.
We have a Living Social or other 3rd party coupon, how does that work?
We have special pricing setup for 3rd party discount marketing companies like Living Social, Groupon, Paintball Tickets, charity auction raffles etc.. Instead of forcing you into a set package we allow you to still be able to select any of our packages and only pay for your co2 refills, paintballs & any upgraded rental items you may want. Yes, you'll still need to make a reservation & you can view your very special pricing here.
How old do I have to be to play Paintball?
We require you to be at least 10 years old & in good physical shape. Paintball is a high endurance physically demanding activity. If you're pregnant or ill please do not plan to participate. While all players must sign a waiver, those under 18 must also have a parent or guardian sign. You can use our online waiver from any pc, tablet or smartphone.
What do I Wear to play Paintball?
Closed toe shoes and long pants are required, NON-metal spiked cleats & a hooded sweatshirt are recommended. We have coveralls, chest protectors and gloves available as package upgrades and for rent. We recommend you bring a change of clothes and a trash bag to put your dirty clothes in when you're all done.
we have never done this before, what should we expect when we arrive?
When you arrive you will need to fill out some quick paperwork (hopefully you have already done your waiver online) then you'll check- in with us and we will issue you your equipment, give you a safety and how to play briefing and explain the first game. We will pick teams and a referee will accompany you onto the game fields. Ea. game last about 10 minutes and we play a couple games in a row, take a short break to clean up, reload and of course tell stories. Then we play some more, this cycle repeats itself throughout the day. You'll cycle thru all of our fields and play a bunch of different objective based games throughout your session. Once your done with paintball & have returned your equipment your welcome to grab some pizza or break out the cake to close out a perfect day of paintball.
How long do we get to play Paintball?
You choose your start time begining at 10:00 a.m. on most days with serveral starting times available later in the day as well. Your session does not have a time limit other than darkness. We will play as long as you still have paintballs to shoot! All we ask is that you play Paintball first, then once you're all done & have returned your equipment to us, you can break out the pizza or cake & ice cream.
Does the paint wash out?
Ahhh yes... the #1 asked question by moms everywhere. The simple answer is yes it does, becasue paintballs have no paint in them! Paintballs are Non-Caustic, Non-Toxic food grade gelatin capsules, much like a bath oil bead, or encapsulated vitamins and the stuff on the inside is mainly a product called PEG. This is a food grade synthetic oil filler that you find in tooth paste, visine, soft drinks & thousands of other consumable goods that we use every day. Just like a Pepsi stain if an article of clothing is left untreated for any length of time, expect the stain from the paintball to set.
How many paintballs will we need?
Depends on how long your going to play & how trigger happy you are. We have found that most players use 200 paintballs per hour and most groups stay an average of 2.5 hrs. This means that on average a player will use 500 paintballs per visit.
Does it hurt?
Ahhh yes... the #1 asked question by kids everywhere. The simple answer is Yes & no, okay maybe a little. It's a relatively soft shelled ball filled with vegetable oil and food coloring, shot from a paintball marker at around 280 feet per second. When hit, it will sting for a second, - we like it to getting snapped with a towel, or a rubber band. But with the adrenaline and excitement of playing, you may not even feel the hit. Covering up bare skin will minimize any pain from being hit. We have surrender rules and referees to keep things safe for all ages. If you do happen to get a welt or two, they usually go away in a day or so.
Yes Please, we are starved! You have lots of options available. You're welcome to bring your own food & drink or we have light snacks including softdrinks on hand as well as very yummy Pizza delivered daily right to your group. We put in orders during your session so as soon as you're done playing a hot pizza pie is waiting for you. We also have a refrigerator & freezer available for cake and ice cream. If you want subway or a sitdown meal we have about a dozen restaurants within a few minutes of the field. Choices include Chinese, Mexican, Pizza, homemade burgers, subway, the rusty tractor family restaurant & even a hoppin 50's diner. (if your Pizza is missing a slice when you get it, we don't know what happened! ;)
Is Elma Paintball indoors or outdoors?
We are a 100% man made outdoor facility. What this means to you is, if it rains you're going to get wet. During the rainy season we recommend you bring a pop-up tent along & don't forget the stakes! we play rain or shine year round. the only times we will not play are 1.) lightning storm 2.) Flood waters or 3.) Darkness. short of that, dress appropriately & plan to play paintball!
Can we bring our own paintballs & equipment?
Equipment, YES! paintballs, NO!!!. If you have your own equipment we ask that you bring everything you'll need for the day including your own tools and cleaning supplies. As for Paintballs & air fills, for everyones safety we require you to use ours that have been purchased onsite the day you play. If you happen to have an unopened bag or case left at the end of the day, please turn it back in to us for a paint voucher. We will give you fresh paint to use on your next visit.
What if we have left over paintballs, can we get a refund?
Once the paintball leaves our hands it is usless to us and we do not accept returns, however we do not want you to get stuck with paint that you can't use as paintballs have a very short shelf life and most likely will not keep until your next visit + we won't let you use them anyways. Soooo... at the end of your session any unopened bags or boxes of paint that you have, bring them up to us at the check in station and we will give you a paint voucher for the next time you come, so you have new fresh paint waiting for you. We use your old paint to cronograph (test the speed) of the paintball guns during maintnance.
Do I need a group or any sort of equipment to play?
Not at Elma Paintball you don't. Make a reservation for any of our open play sessions on Satardays or Sundays and rent everything you need to play. Once you have your equipment you will be placed on one of two teams with other "walk-on" players. "Walk-on" players are generally new or casual players and most times rent equipment, so you don't have to worry about playing against professional, tournament players. Just walk-on & have fun.
Will I be playing against really good players!?
While we do have competitive teams that play at Elma Paintball, you will NEVER PLAY AGAINST THEM! These players are often referred to as "Tourney Players" or Tournament Players and they are kept completely separate from groups & "Walk-On" players. Our teams are held to the highest standards and are very approachable, you should feel free to ask them for help, advise or any other question you have. It is really fun to watch tournament teams play and you are always welcome to view them from the safety of our netted spectator areas. We often host large regional tournament events that draw quite a crowd of spectators.
What if someone is using frozen paintballs at Elma Paintball?
We do not allow outside paint on property. But let's just say just For Funsies that someone did sneak in some paint. It won't be frozen! and even if it was that's incredibly good news for you. As the paintball get's cold it gets very very very brittle and breaks super easy. we are talking like not even able to be shot out of the gun brittle.
Can you tell me about the history of paintball?
While there are many versions of where paintball got it's start, the most common story goes like this: about 20 years ago, paintball was being used as a way to mark trees to be cut by loggers and ranchers used paintballs to mark cattle. Well, you can probably imagine what happened from there to make paintball popular today. One guy got the idea to splat another guy! Who wouldn't shoot back!? Word got around at how fun it was. I bet you can guess what happened from there.